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6 Certification Step


of system

The company analyzes and prepares the documents of the management system and company processes.


Request offer request form

The company completes the questionnaire sent by ICM, indicating the company data.


Offer and Regulation

The company signs the offer and the regulation sent by ICM.


Team of

The ICM audit team verifies corporate compliance with the requirements of the standards.


of the ICM Committee

The Committee ICM meets and expresses its opinion.



ICM issues the certificate, if all the assessments performed give a favorable outcome.

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"Our goal is to make management, workers and employees work in such a way that they can perceive the Organization as a system that allows them to achieve their goals and that works well only if all the parts they are made of interface perfectly with each other. one to the other. "

"We determine the gap between the point at which the organization thinks it is in its development of quality and where it really is, to make people aware of the results achieved and future goals. "

"The Quality System within an organization must be seen as the most important improvement-oriented project."

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